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Dr. Jim Coan and Dr. Sue Johnson conducted an experiment using an fMRI machine with the female partner of a couple both before and after EFT Couples therapy. The study showed that the woman experienced less physical pain when shocked on her ankle and felt less stressed overall after EFT Couples therapy while holding the hand of her husband than she did before therapy. It wasn't just that she only subjectively felt this way, it was that her brain showed less activation in the pain and fear centers when she held his hand. This was different when she was alone and when holding the hand of a stranger.  This study showed that EFT Couples therapy was effective in helping the woman to calm her brain - to sooth her self and regulate her emotions when she felt supported and loved and touched by her partner.  


This study showed how important it is to have a loving and secure relationship to help us face life's challenges. We do better together than alone. 

Watch Dr. Sue Johnson speak about how effective EFT Couples Therapy is as shown in the fMRI brain scans

Watch Dr. Jim Coan give a TED TALK on his Hand Holding experiments and what it means to have loving secure relationships.

To read the full abstract of the fMRI study with EFT Couples Therapy click here.


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