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EFT helps couples by working to strengthen attachment bonds. Having strong attachment bonds means couples

feel safe together; know they are most important to their partner; are more flexible in problem solving; communicate better; and feel securely connected. The same old fight is finally resolved. The walls that kept you distant from each other crumble away and the feelings that brought you together in the beginning revive and grow.

What is EFT Couples Therapy?


Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) is a clinically proven, highly effective process to help couples suffering from distress. EFT is based on a theory of adult love and attachment, as well as a process for healing distressed relationships. It recognizes that relationship distress results from a perceived threat to basic adult needs for safety, security, and closeness in intimate relationships. Created by Dr.Sue Johnson & Dr. Les Greenberg, EFT is a model of couple therapy showing that most couples (over 70%) turned their relationship around from distressed (no matter how distressed) to happy in 16-20 sessions and over 90% significantly improved. See Dr.Sue Johnson's groundbreaking book "Hold Me Tight" for a thorough understanding of how EFT with a trained therapist can help you.

What will I get out of EFT Couples Therapy?
  • Increased respect, affection, and closeness in your relationship.

  • Deeper understanding of your needs and your partner's needs.

  • Understanding of the sources of conflict between you and your partner.

  • Experience each other as a source of security, protection and comfort.

  • Learn effective ways to resolve conflict when you feel stuck.

  • Find ways to ask for what you need from each other.

  • Learn ways to maintain continuing improvements in your relationship.

  • Awareness of how a new understanding can deepen and strengthen your relationship.

Dr. Sue Johnson. Originator of EFT Couples Therapy speaks about love, relationships and her books Hold Me Tight and Love Sense. 


Books by Dr. Sue Johnson Recommended reading for all couples
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