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Whether you are interested in becoming a certified EFT therapist or just brushing up on your skills give me a call to discuss your needs. As an ICEEFT approved EFT supervisor I am presently offering individual and group supervision here in Toronto. Some of the things you will learn:


  • Applying the 9 steps of EFT and knowing where you are in the process

  • De-escalating a couple in stage one

  • Working with primary emotion

  • EFT interventions

  • Re-engaging the withdrawer

  • Softening the pursuer

Feel free to call to discuss your goals.I am presently facilitating 2 - three hour groups, once a month on Friday afternoons. If you are interested in joining a group or creating your own, please give me a call.



"Robin is an amazing supervisor who has been compassionate and patient with me. I've grown so much this past year from working with her."

       ........Larry Borins M.S.W. (416) 546-5511


Robin supervises with wisdom, experience, kindness and humour. Her courage in revealing her own vulnerabilities as an EFT therapist is inspiring and encouraging. I feel safe to challenge myself with her.

    .......Leona (Lee) Ogden M.S.W., R.S.W.416-462-9938


I have had various supervisors over the years, but Robin is by far the best. She helps me build on my strengths, always making me feel good about what I am doing well, while gently helping me see where I could improve. She brings the same empathy and attunement to me in supervision that she brings to her EFT client sessions. I recommend her most highly.

     .......Linda Pelton M.S.W., R.S.W., 416-558-4123


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